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Our specialised team is here to help you every step of the way

Leon Giese - BioDeltas' New Business Development Manager

Leon Giese
New Business Development

Nel-Marie Swart - BioDeltas' Responsible Pharmacist

Nel-Marie Swart
Responsible Pharmacist

Joey Bruwer - BioDeltas Managing Director

Joey Bruwer
Managing Director

Maarten de Pater - BioDeltas' operations Manager

Maarten de Pater
Operations Manager

Solly Tito - BioDeltas' Manager of Print & Finishing DTP

Sulaiman (Solly) Tito
Manager: Print & Finishing DPT

Charmin Goldsmith - BioDeltas Packaging Designer

Charmain Goldsmith
Packaging Designer

Shandre Hendricks - BioDeltas' Planner

Shandre Hendricks

Ian Holmquist - BioDeltas' Food Scientist

Ian Holmquist
Food Scientist (Dipl)

Dinah Booysen - BioDeltas Production Manager

Dinah Booysen
Production Manager

Jani van Schoor - BioDeltas' Quality Assurance Manager

Jani van Schoor
Quality Assurance Manager

Michelle Pretorius - BioDeltas' Graphic Designer

Michelle Pretorius
Graphic Designer

Abby Luya - BioDeltas Project Manager

Abigail Luya
Project Manager

Rozanne Vermeulen - BioDeltas' Buyer

Rozanne Vermeulen

Kurt Conradie - BioDeltas' Warehouse Manager

Kurt Conradie
Warehouse Manager

Darren Bieding - BioDeltas - Dispatch Clerk

Darren Bieding
Dispatch Clerk

Wilmore de Jager - Biodelta Accounts Supervisor

Wilmore de Jager
Accounts Supervisor

Elrika Gertse - BioDeltas' receptionist

Elrika Gertse

Sakhumzi Makhamba - BioDeltas' Credit Controler

Sakhumzi Makhamba
Creditors Control

Hester Heyns - BioDeltas Debtors Controller

Hester Heyns
Debtors Control

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