Leon Giese


Joey Bruwer

Managing Director

Nel-Marie Swart

Pharmaceutical Director

Kobus Rossouw

Financial Manager

Lana Robinson

Sales & Marketing Manager

Shandre  Hendricks

Planning Manager

Sulaiman (Solly) Tito

Manager: Printing & Finishing DPT

Charmin Goldsmith

Packaging Designer

Christo Isaacs

Production Manager

Christel Davids

Quality Control Manager

Kathleen Hele

Graphic Designer

Maria Malgas


Dinah Booysen

Warehouse Manager

Darren Bieding

Dispatch Clerk

Morne du Plessis

Seed Stock Representative

Heinrich Muller

Internal Sales

Roche Lucas

Customer Service

Vivian van der Merwe

Warehouse Assistant

Alicia van der Merwe

Regulatory Affairs Administrator

Ramsey Fortiun

Regulatory Affairs Administrator

Realeboga Sesing

Seed Stock Representative 

Sisipho Rulashe


Are you on track to fulfill your business vision

We all have a destiny or destination to reach.
Some destinations are better than others.
Our journey will lead to amazing destinations and we are looking for partners to join us.


You grow. We grow. Simple

“”If you don’t understand people, then you don’t understand business.” Simon Sinek. Without people there is no business. Without people on their way to greatness, there is no great business.”


Respect for ourselves, our customers and our business

Continuous Improvement

We are never done improving ourselves and learning a better way to do things

Family First

Our business is important, but our families always come first.

Theory of constraints

Our chosen Mode of Operation is a core part of who we are. We are a flow based organisation

Our clients who already experience the difference: