Food Policy 


Biodelta Nutraceuticals is a manufacturer for contract and private label customers in the healthcare and food industries.


We are committed to the following:


Growing a sustainable business that makes a good quality and safe product.


Developing long term relationships with our customers & suppliers focusing on product knowledge and communication both internally and externally.


Providing a food safe working environment and infrastructure.


Investing resources (time and money) in developing our employees to ensure that they are trained and competent to perform their tasks in line with the food safety policy.


Manufacturing and supplying high quality products whilst conforming to all statutory, regulatory and customer specified quality and food safety requirements.


Communicating this food safety policy to all staff during induction, through permanent display in all areas and amendments being communicated via management when they occur.


Continual Improvement


Measurable Objectives:

1.  Ensuring continual product quality year after year, by conducting quarterly quality circle meetings.

2.  To develop a maintainable Supplier Quality Assurance System where 80% of all our suppliers are within our Group A & C supplier categories by Dec 2021.

3.  To not exceed an average of 4 customer complaints per month over a 12month period from January to December 2021.

4.  To complete 100% of the annual scheduled Verification Monitoring Plan, which include monthly verification of personnel hygiene in high-risk areas, cleanliness of work surfaces, air, water, environmental verification, and verification of cleaning methods, therefore continually improving food safety by Dec 2021.

5.  To maintain outsourced internal auditors by Dec 2021.

6.  Conducting and completing 100% of the Internal Audit and Review Schedules by Dec 2021.

7.  To maintain a training committee of 5 or more members by the end of Dec 2021.

8.  Conduct and complete 100% of scheduled competency training for personnel by following the annual Training Plan.

9.  Staying ISO 22000:2018 certified, upholding annual audits from Certifying Body and continually improving the existing Quality Management System by Dec 2021.

To achieve 0 recalls and 0 withdrawals for 2021.